rental services

High Seats and Rise Recliners

 If you are not looking to purchase a chair, and just need temporary relief from recent surgery such as a hip replacement, or an injury, we have a selection of rise recliners and high seat chairs which are available to hire for as long as you need. 

Prices are subject to a £20 charge, which covers delivery and collection, these are inclusive of VAT.

Jubilee Wing Chair Hire

If you've recently had a hip or knee replacement or had other surgeries, you may need temporary relief from pain and discomfort. It is normally recommended that you use a high seat chair to aid your recovery for around 6 weeks. We offer a range of seat heights to suit specific requirements. We can extend hire periods for as long as you need, until you feel comfortable. 

Rise Recliner Rental

We have a selection of Recliners which we can hire for any length of time. People normally opt for rental to decide whether to buy one would be the right decision for them, or for temporary relief from surgery etc. 

Please call for more information.

Our Services

FREE No Obligation Home Visit

We understand that some of our customers prefer to be seen at their own home, and we offer this service for free, and will help and advise as much as we can.

We can do home visits when it is convenient to you. 

We'll Recycle Your Old Furniture

If you're replacing furniture, when we deliver to you, we will take your old chair/sofa away free of charge. 

Alternatively, if you would like to donate your furniture to a charity of your choice, let us know and we'll sort that for you. 

Chair Options

As we provide a completely tailored service, we can also offer you a huge variety of different fabrics, and the wood finish can be done to match your current decor. 

Bespoke Manufacturing

Upon a home visit, or if you come to our showroom, at Chair Solutions we make your chair to your requirements so the chair will fit you, rather than you having to fit in the chair.